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Our offer

As a result of the lack of information on commodities, facts show that the supplier manages the price adjustment: the upward movements are always impacted – sometimes more than should be – yet the downward movements rarely result in a discount.

We bring back balance to this situation by presenting your buyers with numeric and simple arguments adapted to the negotiation.

Our services :

Analysis of Purchase Records

Get an overview of your situation in only a few days

Thanks to a powerful algorithm, we analyse your purchases and their composition of raw materials to deliver:

  • a numeric evaluation of your potential gain
  • a summary of your commodity exposure
We provide two tangible documents highly valuable.

illustration audit commocost eng 1 illustration audit commocost eng 2

Support and Training

What is useful to know, and only this

The right knowledge passed to the right people is key to having a successful negotiation. From that perspective, we work on:

  • Decoding commodities for your business
  • Transmitting the best practices of price adjustment / indexation
  • Action plans specific to each supplier

Negotiation Arguments

Valuable information on demand

We have developed an analysis and price tracking technology generating :

  • operational ready-to use arguments for buyers in their negotiations
  • performance and exposure synthesis for procurement and group managers

Your procurement teams integrate new levers for the negotiation without time consumption

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