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Our approach

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Volatility is the new norm on commodities markets. Nowadays, it is not rare to observe spikes of 20%, up or down, in only a few months.

Let's face it: this phenomenon impacts the whole production chain, including your business' bottom line.

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Commodity markets are complex.

For example, there are: established stock exchanges, emerging markets, reference indices for the industry, regional market prices, unreferenced commodities, and many different qualities and ranks for a single commodity, to name a few of the intricacies. One without without experience could easily loose track of the many facets of the commodity markets.

COMMOCOST, relying on its knowledge of commodity markets as well as its expertise regarding the best practices on price adjustment, helps you to extract essential information to support your buyers and your business.

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We are specialized in cost reduction through price adjustment.

Whatever your supplier strategy is, presenting arguments based on commodities provides strength in the negotiation process.